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What Happened to Foggy? 

One of the nicest pleasures about running Summer Wine Online is the huge amount of email we receive from fans every week. In fact, the majority of these come from the USA where the Last of the Summer Wine is regularly shown on the public broadcast channels. 

In recent months, the number one topic raised by fans surrounds Foggy, actor Brian Wilde. 

What happened to Foggy? Where did he go?  Some UK fans mentioned rumours that he left the show after a fall out.  

Others suggested he simply packed his bags and went to the lovely east coast seaside resort of Scarborough. 

We thank producer Alan JW Bell for adding the following background details January 2003: 

"Brian had a very mild infection that might not have caused him any trouble, but he elected to stand-down for the first five episodes of the 1997 series just in case it worsened. 

"Unfortunately, a scheduling problem - caused by the filming of a Special made to introduce Frank Thornton - made it impossible for Brian - by then fully fit - to return in that series. 

"Since then, he has been invited to return many times, but says he feels he has 'done it now' and doesn't want to go back. I am sure that one day he will make an appearance - we still have his costume standing by."

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